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Don McDougall

Solid State Capital Services
Vice President and General Manager

Don McDougall is the Vice President and General Manager of Solid State Capital Services.  Many of the services and procedures used in the Certification for the EPAct tax deductions were pioneered by him.  This includes the utilization of sampling techniques for larger portfolio of properties, and the integration of integration of abandonment and other beneficial tax procedures that can be used to greatly reduce the cost of Solid State Lighting System. 

His work has been review and accepted by the IRS, he has defended projects through IRS audit and appeals.   His previous speaking experience include (most recently) the LES Show in Las Vegas, and multiple presentation to the CAPCA.  In addition he has spoken at the Solid State Summit  conference, and numerous regional speaking engagements such as presentation to all the AIA and USGBC chapters in Southern and Central California for education on EPAct. The most recent was a 500 person symposium hosted by the USGBC and PG&E in central California for educational purposed related to energy conservation.  In the last 12 months Mr. McDougall spoke at two national conferences and eight regional events. 

 Mr. McDougall has had multiple articles on this and related topics printed in National Publications.  In addition to the tax based services for LED lighting he is a nationally recognized expert in the valuation of antique buildings.

He has been involved in over 5,000 EPAct and Abandonment studies, resulting in the savings of millions of dollars for his clients.